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Ball Gloves

The most important tool needed to be an All Star defensive baseball or softball player is a top of the line ball glove made with high quality leather. When it comes to determining which glove would be the best for you, there are many factors that need to be considered. No two gloves are constructed the same, as there are different kinds of leather, stitching, weave styles and overall size of the glove that need to be taken into account before making the important purchase.

Legendary glove lines include: Wilson A2000, Rawlings Heart of the Hide, and Rawlings Pro Preffered

All the top glove manufacturers in the world have their own leather materials that they like to use for their entire line of products. A company like Nokona that manufactures baseball and softball gloves that are considered one of the best brands in the world use walnut “crunch” leather. The company is known for this material and won’t build a glove without it. Then there is a company like Shoeless Joe Gloves that uses aged antique tobacco leather to construct their popular gloves. The type of leather used in your glove will play a role in its lifespan and materials like those used by Nokona and Shoeless Joe Gloves are meant to allow for years of use.

Fielding gloves made specifically for baseball shouldn’t be used for softball players. The opening of the glove is smaller than what you would need to be able to catch a softball coming at you. When you play a specialty position in baseball, you will also need a glove that is made for the position. A catcher or first baseman will want to use a glove made for the position, as these are constructed to help make each position easier to manage. Baseball and softball outfielders will generally want a larger glove, while middle infielders will want a smaller glove to ensure in a quick turn of a double play. If you play third base, you can use a smaller or larger glove depending entirely on your preference and style of play.

A fielding glove is one of the most important tools in your gear bag. On the ball field, your glove is an extension of you. Gloves have never been better, and today there are many types of Baseball Gloves and Softball Gloves for Fastpitch and Slowpitch to choose from. Constructed using genuine steerhide leather, high-end gloves are hand-made for baseball and softball players in both Youth and Adult sizes, and most are built with a specific position in mind on the diamond. Fielding gloves are most commonly between 10.5" and 12.75" in length, and can have a variety of patterns, webs, and backs. Outfield gloves are large, and help reign the ball in; conversely, infield gloves are smaller to allow for a quick transfer from the glove to the throwing hand. First Base Mitts have a large semi-circle on the pinky finger side of the glove that acts like a scoop, helping the ball find its way into the glove more often. Catcher's Mitts are the workhorse of the glove world. A good catchers mitt will have a round shape, and have additional padding to protect the hand. And finally, a variety of Training Gloves are available to help baseball and softball players practice becoming better fielders. We have the largest selection of the worlds best gloves in stock in our warehouse. Call us today and let one our our glove experts help you choose the best glove for you. Or check out some of the Glove Reviews our customers have written.

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